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The American Academy of Pediatrics publishes a periodicity schedule which recommends a schedule of preventive activities that are in the best interest of children. These preventive activities can help reduce the health disparities of children covered by Medicaid.


Care Coordination is a patient and family-centered collaborative process that links children and families to services and resources in a coordinated manner to maximize the potential of children and provide them optimal health care.

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Children on Medicaid experience significantly poorer health outcomes than commercially insured children. Most of those outcomes can be improved by access to a good medical home and the preventive care, screening and early intervention provided at well child visits.

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Children in low income families are at higher risk for behavioral health issues due to a variety of factors including but not limited to: poverty, socioeconomic, pregnancy related depression in the mother, family stress, and delays in identifying and treating behavioral health issues.

Partnering with Medical Homes to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes


To support primary care medical homes to improve health outcomes for children and advance health equity.