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Next meeting:

Friday 2/19/20 12:00 PM


Complex Referrals

Dual Dx ASD/ID, Mental Health and Foster Care

Guest Speakers from HCPF:

Gina Robinson
Karli Altman

12:00-12:10 Welcome and Introductions

12:10-12:40 Complex Kids and Medicaid Referrals Gina Robinson and Karli Altman from HCPF will present on how primary care can support appropriate and necessary behavioral health referrals for complex kids who have complex needs (ASD/ID, Mental Health and are involved in the Foster Care system). Family navigators, Care Coordinators, Referrals Coordinators from your practice are welcome to attend!

12:40-12:50 Success Stories and Challenging Cases Time for participants to share referral success stories and challenging cases and receive feedback from peers.

12:50-1:00 Self-care Corner Kelly Mead, Lowry Pediatrics will guide us through a mindfulness exercise. Each month we will devote the last 10 minutes of our meeting to encourage self-care.
If you are new to integrated behavioral health (IBH), starting an IBH program in your practice, want to meet other IBH providers, or are feeling isolated due to Covid you are welcome to attend! This is a drop-in group and you may attend all sessions, or only those that fit into your schedule or topics that you feel are most important to your practice