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Friday 4/16/21


Primary Care Psychiatric Consultation and Training Opportunities

Guest Speaker:

Dr. Sandy Fritsch, MD

Colorado Pediatric Psychiatry Consultation and Access Program
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2/19/21 IBH Learning Community Meeting Follow up

Thank you to all who attended our February meeting!

*Please note we are not meeting in March! Have a safe and relaxing spring break

Presentation: Complex Children with Medicaid: Referrals, Programs and Resources
Thank you to Gina Robinson, Karli Altman, Emma Dayney, and Kathleen Homan from HCPF!
A recording of the HCPF presentation can be accessed here: Click Here
This information may be especially relevant to Nurse Care Coordinators, Family Navigators, and other IBH care coordination staff at your practice!

Self Care Corner: Kelly Mead from Lowry Pediatrics shared a team-building activity their practice recently engaged in. Burn out is something we may all be experiencing right now, and Lowry Pediatrics spent a half-day in some much needed and well deserved quality time making Tie-dyed t-shirts together to enhance capacity as a team!

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If you are new to integrated behavioral health (IBH), starting an IBH program in your practice, want to meet other IBH providers, or are feeling isolated due to Covid you are welcome to attend! This is a drop-in group and you may attend all sessions, or only those that fit into your schedule or topics that you feel are most important to your practice