CCHAP Practice Manager Meeting


April 28, 2021 12:00pm

Presentations by:

The Kempe Center
The Colorado Children's Trust Fund Board

Topic: Child Abuse Prevention Resources

Join us during Child Abuse Prevention Month to highlight two unique opportunities to support child abuse prevention in Colorado.
Medical and Behavioral Health Providers are encouraged to attend!

The Colorado Children's Trust Fund

Stephanie Villafuerte, JD Colorado Children's Trust Fund Board president and Colorado Child Protection Ombudsman will share how the State board supports vulnerable children in Colorado to prevent child abuse and how you can join the board.

What is the Colorado Children's Trust Fund?
Colorado Children's Trust Fund Board (CCTF)
The CCTF, established in statute in 1989, exists to prevent the abuse and neglect of Colorado’s children. The Fund focuses on efforts to strengthen families before the first occurrence of child maltreatment. The CCTF is governed by a nine-person advisory board of directors with unique backgrounds to support and guide the work supported by the trust fund dollars.

Members must be appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate, five of whom shall be knowledgeable in the area of child abuse prevention and represent some of the following areas:

Law enforcement; medicine; law; business; mental health; domestic relations; child abuse prevention; education; and social work; and one who is a parent or a representative of a parent organization.

The CARE Network

The Kempe Center will present on their CARE Network training for medical and behavioral health providers, including reimbursement.
A new state-funded initiative to train and support healthcare practitioners in the medical evaluation and behavioral health screening of children referred for maltreatment.
THE PROBLEM: Every year in Colorado, thousands of children are impacted by maltreatment. Expertise to conduct medical evaluations and behavioral health screenings and assessments in suspected cases of child maltreatment is extremely limited.
THE SOLUTION: A designated network of providers as part of standardized and coordinated medical and behavioral health response to suspected cases of child maltreatment.
CARE Network Providers receive:
  • Access to child abuse and neglect medical and behavioral health experts through ongoing training and mentorship, including individual case feedback, peer supervision, and ongoing support.
  • Free continuing education credits for participation in ongoing training.
  • Reimbursement per evaluation