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Friday June 11, 2021



Utilizing Yoga in Primary Care: Principles and Practice

Guest Speaker:

Sadie Hasbrouck, PhD

June Meeting
Dr. Sadie Hasbrouck will review basic principles of Yoga-Based Psychotherapy and related behavioral health interventions. As a group we will learn methods for incorporating yoga into short-term interventions appropriate for primary care settings with children, adolescents, and adults.
*Feel free to join in or mindfully observe a short yoga practice!*

April 2021 IBH Learning Community Meeting Follow up
Thank you to all who attended our April meeting! Dr. Sandy Fritsch of CoPPCAP presented on their comprehensive and accessible child psychiatry services for primary care providers.
Link to the recording of her excellent and informative presentation: Child Psychiatry in Primary Care Recording
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Self Care Corner: Kathy Butler from Doctor's Care shared a wonderful list of self-care activities she and her peers have developed to stay connected and regulated during Covid. Thank you, Kathy!

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If you are new to integrated behavioral health (IBH), starting an IBH program in your practice, want to meet other IBH providers, or are feeling isolated due to Covid you are welcome to attend! This is a drop-in group and you may attend all sessions, or only those that fit into your schedule or topics that you feel are most important to your practice