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Wednesday September 21, 2021



The Short Term Behavioral Health Benefit Online Course



September Meeting

Join CCHAP on September 21st at noon for the launch of our new online course, Colorado Medicaid's Short-Term Behavioral Health (STBH) Services Benefit. In this preview, we will share an overview of the course and how the benefit can be utilized in your integrated behavioral health setting. The launch of the course concludes the CCHAP IBH Leaning Community series.

Zoom link: Join via zoom here

Take the Course: Short Term Behavioral Health Benefit Course

We are very excited to announce that our latest online course exploring the Colorado Medicaid Short Term Behavior Health (STBH) benefit in primary care is available! The course is designed for medical and behavioral health primary care providers.

We received feedback during the pilot that the course increased provider understanding of the benefit, will increase clinical referrals to Behavioral Health Providers (BHPs), and increased BHP understanding and utility of the benefit. We hope this course will not only increase usage of the benefit in primary care, but will also help practices sustain behavioral health services.

The course should take around an hour to complete and participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end. You will hear from HCPF's pediatric benefit expert and providers from Pediatric Partners of the Southwest on how they were able to add to their BHP team by increasing their use of the benefit, discuss frequently asked questions, hear conversations about common case scenarios and view documentation examples, including using the benefit with SDoH Z codes.

June 2021 IBH Learning Community Meeting Follow up

Watch Dr. Sadie Hasbrouck's Yoga Psychotherapy in Primary Care Training Learn approachable and effective interventions that can be used by both behavioral health and medical providers in primary care settings.

Thank you again for your participation!