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The Colorado Children’s Health Access Program (CCHAP) improves the lives of children and advances health equity by ensuring all children have access to high quality, comprehensive and sustainable healthcare.

Helping You Keep Children Healthy

Across our state, over 500,000 children experience health inequities that negatively affect their lives and undermine their ability to grow up healthy. Removing obstacles and creating access to quality health care is essential to reducing these disparities. Among other issues, underserved children experience:

  • 77% more serious illnesses, 85% more emergency room visits, more hospitalizations (1.73 times) and (1.67) higher death rates;
  • Two times more likely to have mental health problems;
  • Two times as likely to be obese;
  • Twice as many dental cavities; and
  • More than twice as many vaccine-preventable diseases.
Sources of Data: The Report on the State of the Health of Colorado’s Children by James Todd, MD, Chief of Pediatric Epidemiology, UC Denver ; The Health Needs Of Colorado’s Children In 2010 by The Center for Public Health Practice, Colorado School of Public Health; Colorado Health Foundation: Colorado Health Report Card

CCHAP is your trusted, valued and innovative healthcare partner

  • CCHAP has a “pure agenda” to improve care for kids and help pediatric providers be successful.
  • CCHAP staff are trusted, highly skilled and responsive to the needs of pediatric providers and practices.
  • CCHAP is unique among practice transformation and quality improvement organizations because it works statewide, serves as an independent “honest broker” and focuses on pediatrics.
  • CCHAP is valued as an advocate for children and pediatric providers in statewide policy conversations because they can represent the lived experiences of families and providers and give insight into how policies are working, where there are successes and where there are challenges and gaps that still need to be addressed to improve the health of children.

CCHAP works with partners to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes for children in three ways: We inform and coach, we innovate and we advocate.

CCHAP improves health for Colorado children by focusing on the following efforts

 CCHAP Innovates

  • We develop, test, and evaluate new care models and tools and share them with medical homes, community partners and state agencies.
  • In conjunction with local community partners, we create materials, training programs, and innovative approaches to help families overcome barriers to accessing care and to good health outcomes for their children.
  • We collaborate with many other organizations to determine how all the various efforts in the community can interface to avoid duplication of effort and maximize collective impact.

Advocacy And Policy

CCHAP is a champion and catalyst on behalf of children in low income families, by advocating for them at the state, regional and community levels. CCHAP participates on 34 local, regional, and state level committees, boards, task forces and workgroups ensures the needs of children and their families are addressed in the decisions, policies, procedures, and data used in the development of programs intended to serve them. CCHAP helps set effective public policy by serving the full continuum between providers caring for over 200,000 children on Medicaid and CHP+ and those setting policy at the local, regional and state levels. Learn more. 

 CCHAP Advocates

  • We promote sustainable programs and contribute to public policy by speaking out on behalf of Colorado children, their families, and the medical homes that serve them.
  • Our participation on local, regional, and state level workgroups ensures the needs of children and their families are addressed in the decisions, policies, procedures, and data used in the development of programs intended to serve them.

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