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To promote and support medical homes to improve health outcomes for children and advance health equity.


CCHAP is a nonprofit organization that has grown from awareness that private practice healthcare providers throughout Colorado wanted to do their share in taking care of underserved children, but numerous barriers prevented them from doing so. Although the barriers to private practices serving these children were numerous, CCHAP, in coordination with private pediatric practices and family practices, have shown that these barriers can be overcome.

CCHAP’s pilot phase began in 2006 with seven Denver metro pediatric practices to structure a program of supports to help overcome these barriers. The CCHAP staff and the pilot practice administrators spent numerous hours working to refine the program.

CCHAP now works with more than 250 pediatric and family practices across the state of Colorado and continues to work with an Advisory Board of providers and practice managers from all around the state. We are continuously seeking advice and refining our support services, as well as developing new initiatives such as:

Download the CCHAP Overview [pdf]

Helping Children Beat The Odds

Across our state, over 500,000 children experience health inequities that negatively affect their lives and undermine their ability to grow up healthy. Removing obstacles and creating access to quality health care is essential to reducing these disparities. Among other issues, underserved children experience:

  • 77% more serious illnesses, 85% more emergency room visits, more hospitalizations (1.73 times) and (1.67) higher death rates;
  • Two times more likely to have mental health problems;
  • Two times as likely to be obese;
  • Twice as many dental cavities; and
  • More than twice as many vaccine-preventable diseases.

Sources of Data: The Report on the State of the Health of Colorado’s Children by James Todd, MD, Chief of Pediatric Epidemiology, UC Denver ; The Health Needs Of Colorado’s Children In 2010 by The Center for Public Health Practice, Colorado School of Public Health; Colorado Health Foundation: Colorado Health Report Card

More Medical Homes For Colorado Children

Since 2006, CCHAP has recruited, coached and supported pediatric and family practices to provide a medical homes for hundreds of thousands of Colorado children on Medicaid and CHP+. A medical home is a family-centered, cost-effective, and coordinated approach to care that ensures a child receives preventive physical, mental, and oral health services. Benefits of a medical home include:

  • Increased access to quality, preventive care;
  • Better health for the child now and in the future; and
  • Lower medical costs to taxpayers and the state.

Knocking Down Barriers For Children And Their Families

CCHAP is the organization that medical homes, state agencies and community organizations go to for information, coaching and collaboration on sustainable programs that improve health outcomes for children. Through our efforts, in partnership with medical homes and other community-based organizations, more Colorado children have access to comprehensive healthcare than ever before.

But, our work is not done. Working with our medical home partners and you, we will strive to make Colorado a place where all children grow up healthy.

Colorado Children Are Counting On Us – And You

With a proven track record of success, CCHAP and its partners now enter our next phase. Over the next three years, we will collaborate with more than 450 practices and clinics across Colorado to address 30 health disparities still experienced by children with the poorest health outcomes. Our expanded efforts will focus on technical assistance, innovation, and healthcare systems transformation.