Founder’s Message

Steve PooleOver 500,000 Colorado children experience health inequities that negatively affect their lives and undermine their ability to grow up healthy. Removing obstacles and creating access to quality health care is essential to reducing health disparities. Among other issues, underserved children experience more serious illnesses and more mental health problems compared to their peers.

Poverty is the primary cause of health disparities in children; but by providing every Colorado child with “intensive, preventive care” through a Medical Home, we can address many poverty-related barriers that are blocking good physical, mental, and oral health outcomes for children across our state.

CCHAP has become the organization that Medical Homes, state agencies, and community organizations go to for information, coaching, and collaboration on sustainable programs that improve health outcomes for children. Since 2006, CCHAP has recruited, coached and supported more than 250 pediatric and family practices, which includes over 850 providers, to provide a Medical Home for over 200,000 children on Medicaid and CHP+.

CCHAP works in partnership with Medical Homes and other community-based organizations ensuring more children have access to a Medical Home than ever before. CCHAP works with partners to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes for children in three ways.  We inform and coach, we innovate, and we advocate.

With intensive, preventive care for the whole-child (physical, mental, and oral) health care, we can help Colorado children thrive. Working with Medical Home partners and you, we will strive to make Colorado a place where all children grow up healthy.

Steve Poole, M.D.
Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program