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Boy with chalk drawingCCHAP works to develop, test and evaluate new, innovative practice models for implementing comprehensive, coordinated, quality, cost-effective health care and shares effective models with all types of medical homes in Colorado.

View case studies and practice success stories below to find information about what’s working through our programs and services. If you have a story to share, use the form located at the bottom of this page to contact us. We welcome your reports from the front lines of Colorado practices serving children.

Case Studies

Practice Success Stories

  • Preventive care milestones

    Healthy Habits Pediatrics in Littleton has done depression screening on 95% of the adolescents who received a well visit in 2014

    Iron Horse Pediatrics in Colorado Springs was able to reach an 80% well visit rate for their children covered by Medicaid in 2014

    The Children’s Health Place in Greeley achieved a 100% compliance rank for well visits. The newest Accountable Care Collaborative Key Performance Indicator (KPI) measures the percentage of ACC enrolled children that receive at least one preventive visit each year from their Primary Care Medical Provider (PCMP). Congratulations to Dr. Orest Dubynsky  from who has achieved a remarkable 100% KPI compliance rank as of the April 2014 SDAC data report. Dr. Dubynsky’s practice staff works as a team to schedule the child’s next well visit when they check in for the current sick or well visit, and their EHR is set up with alerts to remind the staff when the next well visit and immunizations are needed. At the conclusion of each visit, the clinical staff also reminds the parents when the next well visit is needed if it has not already been scheduled. Teamwork gets results!

  • Good Ideas

    Open Access Scheduling is a method whereby a few appointment slots are left open until the beginning of each day for same day appointments for either sick or well visits. Most providers are nervous about holding appointment slots open, for fear that productivity will decrease. But once this anxiety is conquered, Open Access Scheduling can prove to be a successful method for primary care providers. No show rates tend to decrease and productivity may actually increase.

    Dr. Gino Figlio at High Plains Community Health Center in Lamar (www.highplainschc.net) is an advocate of this method even though he was skeptical and anxious initially. Dr. Figlio keeps several 20 minute slots open in the morning and in the afternoon each day for patients who call same day. His no show rate has gone down from 20%  to 10% or lower since implementing this system two years ago, and he is seeing as many or more patients than before.  Dr. Figlio welcomes questions from other providers who may be interested in trying Open Access Scheduling. He can be reached at 719-336-6977.

    Here are some links to articles that have been written about this method and various strategies that can be used:

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