CCHAP serves a unique role in Colorado by working across the health care system to improve children’s health and their access to health services. This allows CCHAP to take on-the-ground knowledge from doctors and practices up to the policy level and bring policy decisions back to practices for effective implementation. CCHAP staff understands the importance of the full continuum of efforts needed to better children’s health – in the doctor’s office, in the community and at the many tables where policy is being shaped.

Whitney ConnorSenior Program Officer - Rose Community Foundation

CCHAP is the reason we have been able to devote 20% of our practice to children covered by Medicaid. Whether it is advocating for enhanced reimbursements or ensuring all of the elements of a comprehensive Medical Home are in place, CCHAP has taken the lead.

Jay MarksonPediatrician in Denver

CCHAP is the organization we go to for anything related to Medicaid, CHP+ or underserved children.

Cecile Fraley, MDPediatrician and Practice Administrator in Durango, CO

Children in Medical Homes coached by CCHAP were more likely on average to have a well-child visit and less likely to visit the emergency room or be hospitalized during the 12-month evaluation period than children receiving care at sites not coached by CCHAP in the Denver Metropolitan area.

The Children’s Outcomes Research ProgramCCHAP 12-Month Evaluation (July 2007 – June 2008)