Our Focus

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CCHAP works with partners to reduce health disparities and improve outcomes for children in three ways: We inform and coach, we innovate and we advocate.

CCHAP improves health for Colorado children by focusing on the following efforts:

Medical Homes

CCHAP works to ensure that more children have access to a medical home than ever before. Since 2006, CCHAP has recruited, coached and supported over 250 pediatric and family practices, which includes over 800 providers, to provide a medical home for over 200,000 children on Medicaid and CHP+. CCHAP also educates medical homes abput the rapidly changing health care environment. Learn more.

Health Disparities

With a proven track record of success, CCHAP and its partners now enter our next phase in addressing health disparities. Over the next three years, we will collaborate with more than 450 practices and clinics across Colorado to address 30 health inequities still experienced by children with the poorest health outcomes. Our expanded efforts will focus on technical assistance, innovation, and healthcare systems transformation. Learn more.

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a patient- and family-centered, assessment-driven, team-based activity designed to meet the needs of children and youth. Care Coordination is a key component of CCHAP’s work with Medical Homes. CCHAP’s practice improvement coaches work directly with practices and providers across Colorado to plan and implement the processes needed for effective Care Coordination. Learn more. 

Behavioral Health Integration

Behavioral health is a major focus area for CCHAP and will be a priority over the coming years. CCHAP’s behavioral health vision is that all children in Colorado will have early access to comprehensive, preventive behavioral health care in their medical home. Learn more.

Intensive Preventive Care Programs

Because children in low income families have more socioeconomic barriers to good health outcomes, have higher needs for care coordination and have higher risks for poor health outcomes than the general population for over 30 different health issues, they need a higher intensity of  preventive care than commercially insured children. Their preventive care must address not only the usual preventive care commercially insured children receive, but it must also provide additional  preventive care that will specifically address health disparities and address the socioeconomic barriers to good health outcomes and the higher need for care coordination needed by the family. CCHAP works to promote an “Intensive Preventive Care Model” that addresses the more comprehensive needs for low income children. Learn more.

Accountable Care

The Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) is an innovative system set up by the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), which administers Medicaid and CHP+. The ACC is designed to reduce state costs of providing care for Medicaid recipients and to improve certain health outcomes. CCHAP has been instrumental in assisting medical homes serving children understand and effectively adapt to the ACC and additional Medicaid reform efforts. Learn more.

Advocacy And Policy

CCHAP is a champion and catalyst on behalf of children in low income families, by advocating for them at the state, regional and community levels. CCHAP participates on 34 local, regional, and state level committees, boards, task forces and workgroups ensures the needs of children and their families are addressed in the decisions, policies, procedures, and data used in the development of programs intended to serve them. CCHAP helps set effective public policy by serving the full continuum between providers caring for over 200,000 children on Medicaid and CHP+ and those setting policy at the local, regional and state levels. Learn more. 

Learn more about CCHAP’s services for providers and practices in support of all focus areas.