Advocacy and Policy

Little girl looking through binocularsChampioning Positive Change To Improve Children’s Health

CCHAP promotes sustainable programs and contributes to public policy by speaking out on behalf of Colorado children, their families, and the Medical Homes that serve them. CCHAP helps set effective public policy by serving the full continuum between providers caring for children and those setting policy at the local, regional and state levels. CCHAP represents the viewpoint of providers up to the policy-level and then works through its many programs to implement these policies effectively and efficiently at the provider-level.

CCHAP participates on many local, regional, and state level committees, boards, task forces and work-groups, to ensure that the needs of children and their families are addressed in the decisions, policies, procedures, and data used in the development of programs intended to serve them.

CCHAP Divides Advocacy Into Two Parts:

(1) Education of stakeholder or influential organizations, entities, and/or individuals regarding the needs of children.


We have identified the key points we want to communicate to stakeholder or influential organizations/entities/individuals regarding the needs of children, how to meet those needs and how to improve their health outcomes. CCHAP team members provide education (advocacy) as leaders or participants on many committees, commissions, task forces, and boards in Colorado on a regular basis.

(2) Advocacy around specific policy issues that are barriers standing in the way of addressing these needs of children.

Advocacy and Systems Transformation

CCHAP partners with Colorado Children’s Campaign, Colorado Coalition for the Medically Underserved, The Children’s Hospital Advocacy Institute and other organizations (depending on the issue) to advocate for policy changes that will enable medical homes for children to integrate behavioral health providers, institute routine behavioral health screening and provide behavioral health navigation and care coordination statewide.

CCHAP team members represent the needs of under-served children on the following committees, boards, task forces and commissions:


  • Chair for HCPF Provider and Community Relations Committee and agenda planning meeting
  • Chair of the Pediatric Access Committee of Aurora Health access
  • Chair of the Access To Care Committee of the Children’s Hospital Advocacy Institute
  • Chair of the Cross-cultural Healthcare Committee for Children’s Hospital Colorado and for the Department of Pediatrics at UC School of Medicine

Regular Participation

  •  Tri-Agency Regulatory Alignment for Integrated Care – Task Force led by CDPHE, HCPF, DHS, and Office of Behavioral Health to identify policies that are barriers to fully developing integrated behavioral health in medical homes
  • Member of the Payment Reform Committee for HCPF
  • Member of Board of Directors of Aurora Health Access
  • Member on the Community Benefit Committee of the Board of Directors of Children’s Hospital
  • Member of the Advisory Board for Children’s Hospital Advocacy Institute
  • HCPF Performance Improvement Advisory Committee
  • Children’s Advisory Committee
  • Medical Home Coalition
  • Medical Home Forum – Quality Health Improvement Subcommittee
  • Medical Home Steering Committee – Colorado Children’s Hospital
  • Special Needs Children Committee – Colorado Children’s Hospital
  • Early Childhood Council Meeting/Health Subcommittee
  • Colorado Primary Care Collaborative
  • Summit on Fostering Connections for Foster Children
  • Early Childhood Partnership Meeting
  • Member of the Executive Committee of the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics Liaison to the Medicaid Medical Director in behalf of the Colorado Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics
  • Vice Chair for Community Pediatrics of the Department of Pediatrics for UC School of Medicine
  • Advisory Board for the Campus-Community Partnership for the Anschutz Campus
  • Member of the Colorado Medical Home Coalition
  • RCCO Region 1
    – Community Stakeholders Meetings
  • RCCO Region 2
    – Performance Improvement Advisory Committee
  • RCCO Region 3
    – Member of Operations and Logistics Committee
    – Member of Best Practices and Practice Transformation Committee
    – Member of Care Management Delegates Committee