Care Coordination

Doctor with infant

For Children, The Whole Family Is The Patient

Care Coordination is a patient- and family-centered, assessment-driven, team-based activity designed to meet the needs of children and youth. It is a collaborative process that links children and families to services and resources in a coordinated manner to maximize the potential of children and provide them optimal health care.

It’s a TEAM effort and includes everyone involved:

  • The patient and family
  • The care coordinator
  • Other practice staff
  • The primary care physician and specialists
  • Local agencies and community partners, if applicable

Care Coordination works by:

  • Promoting efficiency and continuity of care
  • Focusing on helping patients meet their immediate AND ongoing needs
  • Creating a friendly, supportive environment for patients and families and staff
  • Preparing patients and families for the future

Care Coordination leads to:

  • Greater use of community services
  • Improved self-advocacy skills
  • Additional opportunities to connect with other families
  • Increased knowledge to maintain health & living
  • Expanded capacity to navigate “the System”

CCHAP Promotes Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a key component of CCHAP’s work with Medical Homes. CCHAP’s practice improvement coaches work directly with practices and providers across Colorado to plan and implement the processes needed for effective Care Coordination. By working directly with practices and providers, CCHAP can educate practices about the benefits of Care Coordination and assist practices put Care Coordination components into action to improve Colorado children’s health through ongoing continuity of care.

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