Medical Homes

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Opening More Doors And More Medical Homes For Colorado Children

Since 2006, CCHAP has recruited, coached and supported over 250 pediatric and family practices, which includes over 850 providers, to provide a medical home for over 200,000 children on Medicaid and CHP+. Each week, CCHAP team members average 47 coaching/education contacts with medical homes.

A medical home is a family-centered, cost-effective, and coordinated approach to care that ensures a child receives preventive physical, mental, and oral health services.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) developed the medical home model for delivering primary care that is accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, compassionate, and culturally effective to all children and youth, including children and youth with special health care needs.

Benefits of a medical home include:

  • Increased access to quality, preventive care;
  • Better health for the child now and in the future; and
  • Lower medical costs to taxpayers and the state

A medical home is a philosophy of care that focuses on patient and family-centered healthcare in which the lines of communication among patients, physicians, and facilities are open and efficient, with the proven outcome of better care leading to better health, while containing cost.

A medical home is an appropriately qualified medical specialty, developmental, therapeutic, or behavioral health care practice that verifiably ensures continuous, accessible, and comprehensive access to and coordination of community based care. This care encompasses medical care, behavioral health care, oral health care, and related services for children and adults.

All medical homes should ensure, at minimum, that the following activities are met:

(a) Health maintenance and preventive care;

(b) Anticipatory guidance and health education;

(c) Acute and chronic illness care;

(d) Coordination of medications, specialists, and therapies;

(e) Provider participation in hospital care; and

(f) Twenty-four hour telephone care.


National Center for Medical Home Implementation (American Academy of Pediatrics)

CCHAP Coaching for Medical Homes

CCHAP has an experienced staff to provide coaching for any type of medical home for children (private or public pediatric or family practice or clinic) to improve practice management, quality improvement, as well as CCHAP’s Preventive Behavioral Health Program for medical homes anywhere on the continuum toward integrated behavioral health.

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