Our Services

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CCHAP Offers A Range Of Services:

CCHAP enables private pediatric and family practices throughout Colorado to more easily and cost-effectively provide health care for children covered by Medicaid and CHP+. By providing technical assistance, coaching, tools, and ways to address time and resource barriers, CCHAP solves problems and provides practices with innovative, effective practice models.

  • Provider Support: CCHAP assists providers with navigating the constantly changing health care environment and helps clarify and simplify an approach to caring for children that meets or exceeds today’s health care goals.
  • Practice Management Support: CCHAP helps practices save time and keep up with the latest information through a wide variety of administrative support services.
  • Care Coordination Support: CCHAP provides tools and supports for providers to develop the administrative systems necessary to support care coordination services within the practice.
  • Behavioral Health: CCHAP provides education, technical assistance and coaching for medical homes that care for children on Medicaid and CHP+ to implement comprehensive preventive behavioral health services to address behavioral health disparities.
  • Quality Improvement for Medical Homes: CCHAP offers technical assistance to practices in order to help them develop continuous Quality Improvement (QI) programming. Assistance is available to practices wishing to improve efficiency, and improve their “medical home-ness.”
  • Cross-Cultural Healthcare: CCHAP has conducted over 200 staff-development cross-cultural training sessions on location for private practices in the state of Colorado. We can work with your practice to implement cross-cultural communication training that will fit your busy schedule and meet your team’s specific needs, from front office staff to doctors and nurses.

How CCHAP Works With Partners To Reduce Health Disparities And Improve Outcomes:

1. CCHAP Informs and Coaches

  • We work to improve health outcomes of children in Colorado by informing and coaching medical home staff and providers on a many issues ranging from preventive care methods to care coordination.
  • We provide ongoing communication and support to Medical Homes through the dissemination of information and updates regarding changes to Medicaid, as well as troubleshooting clinical and administrative issues regarding the care of children covered or eligible for Medicaid and SCHIP.
  • We help medical homes link to community organizations that can support their efforts in an ongoing manner.

2. CCHAP Innovates

  • We develop, test, and evaluate new care models and tools and share them with medical homes, community partners and state agencies.
  • In conjunction with local community partners, we create materials, training programs, and innovative approaches to help families overcome barriers to accessing care and to good health outcomes for their children.
  • We collaborate with many other organizations to determine how all the various efforts in the community can interface to avoid duplication of effort and maximize collective impact.

3. CCHAP Advocates

  • We promote sustainable programs and contribute to public policy by speaking out on behalf of Colorado children, their families, and the medical homes that serve them.
  • Our participation on local, regional, and state level workgroups ensures the needs of children and their families are addressed in the decisions, policies, procedures, and data used in the development of programs intended to serve them.

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