Developmental Screening

Young boy at Red Rocks

Early Recognition is Critical

Children on public health coverage are more likely to have problems in speech and language, cognitive (mental), coordination (motor) and social development. They are more likely to go unrecognized until later and are less likely to receive early, effective treatment. And their parents are less likely to have received anticipatory guidance regarding what activities they can engage in with their child to promote acquisition of needed developmental skills. Early recognition enables a referral for earlier treatment, which is more effective and less expensive.

Standardized Screening Tools

Late recognition and late treatment lead to higher cost of treatment, higher costs to the educational system to accommodate the child, higher unemployment in adulthood, higher likelihood of entering the criminal justice system, all leading to much higher expense to the state over the long term. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians, standardized screening questionnaires are much more reliable than provider exam in identifying children with delays. Developmental screening using a standardized, validated questionnaire is effective in identifying children with developmental delays at an earlier stage than providers would be able to recognize the problem without the screening tool. Colorado Medicaid reimburses medical homes for doing developmental screening.

CCHAP Can Help You:

  • Select methods to improve efficiency of providing developmental screening
  • Obtain maximum incentive payment for developmental screening
  • Help you set up a Quality Improvement process to ensure all children are receiving screening
  • Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD) is a state project that trains medical homes to do developmental screening. For more information and help with implementing developmental screening in your practice, please visit or contact: Eileen Auer Bennett 720-333-1351 or ABCD will also coach your medical home on who to effectively refer children that are identified as needing referral.

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