Drug and Alcohol Abuse Screening Questionnaire

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)

– Screening: determining the level of substance use
– Brief Intervention: building motivation through a conversation
– Referral to Treatment: linking the patient with appropriate services

The first step is universal prescreening for alcohol use as part of routine healthcare. For individuals with a positive prescreen, a more in-depth screening identifies the level of intervention needed. Screen with a validated screening questionnaire tool such as CRAFFT for adolescents.

Brief Intervention (BI) is the core of SBIRT. Using Motivational Interviewing techniques, brief intervention is a collaborative conversation that raises a person’s awareness of substance use and its consequences, and encourages behavioral change. A typical BI takes 5-15 minutes. Fifteen percent of those screened require brief intervention.

After a screening result of higher risk, a referral to further assessment and specialty treatment is provided.

Risky substance use is a factor in all aspects of health and wellness. Often substance use is the missing piece in improving overall health and impacting—for the good and the bad—specific conditions. Screening everyone can identify substance use as a contributing factor to more than 70 medical conditions. SBIRT improves outcomes for chronic diseases, and can contribute to the wellness of your patients. Taking little time, SBIRT is an opportunity to improve the health of patients.

CCHAP Can Help You:

  • Select methods to improve efficiency of providing substance abuse screening.
  • Obtain maximum reimbursement for this screening
  • Help you set up a Quality Improvement process to ensure all teens are receiving screening
  • The Medicaid Billing Manual for SBIRT provides a summary of the SBIRT program including coding and billing, reimbursement, and additional resources.

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