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CCHAP has grown from awareness that private practice healthcare providers throughout Colorado wanted to do their share in taking care of underserved children, but numerous barriers existed. Over the past decade, CCHAP and Colorado private pediatric and family practices have shown that these barriers can be overcome.

For example, in 2005, reimbursement from Medicaid and CHP+ to private practices covered less than 2/3 of the actual cost for providing care. At that time, only twenty percent of pediatric practices accepted Medicaid or CHP+ patients. Eighty-five percent of Colorado pediatricians indicated they would accept more of these children if reimbursement was closer to the actual cost of providing care, and if other administrative supports were available. In response, CCHAP has worked with Health Care Policy and Financing (HCPF), and primary care practices to develop methods to enhance reimbursement for providers and provide assistance with administrative issues that confront practices.

Addressing Time And Resource Constraints For Practices

CCHAP enables private pediatric and family practices throughout Colorado to more easily and cost-effectively provide health care for children covered by Medicaid and CHP+. We help practices save time and keep up with the latest information through a wide variety of administrative support services.

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