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The CCHAP Attribution Scrubber Tool©

The CCHAP Attribution Scrubbing Tool© is a macro-enabled, Microsoft Excel-based tool designed to:

  • Confirm members newly-attributed to you
  • Identify members no longer attributed to you
  • Clarify possible errors in names or Medicaid numbers

The Tool© compares the Medicaid numbers and the member names from two SDAC member lists (e.g. last month’s vs. this month’s) and identifies values that are not found in both lists. These values represent the attributed patients that the practice has either lost or gained. The Tool© can then sort the lists of lost or gained patients to the top of each column for ease of use.

To use the Tool©, you will need:

  • To be a CCHAP-affiliated medical home for children in Colorado and contracted with the Colorado Medicaid Accountable Care Collaborative
  • Access to your SDAC data
  • A robust computer
  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or newer (full version)
  • Basic Excel skills

To request the Tool©, contact us.