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The Colorado Children’s Healthcare Access Program is a non-profit organization launched by Dr. Steve Poole in 2006 to assist pediatric and family practices and clinics in Colorado to provide a medical home for children on Medicaid and CHP+. CCHAP advocates on behalf of all Colorado children and the providers and medical homes that care for them. CCHAP also provides support for providers and their practices around the care of children.

Addressing Time And Resource Constraints For Providers

Managing and maintaining a private primary care medical practice or clinic is challenging, particularly in this constantly changing health care environment. Providers are under increasing pressure to provide higher quality care while minimizing costs to the system. CCHAP partners with providers to navigate these changes and to help clarify and simplify approaches to the care of children that meet or exceed today’s health care goals.

CCHAP Services For Supporting Providers

CCHAP communicates with providers on a regular basis via clinical newsletters published by Steve Poole, M.D. that present strategies to help providers do more intensive preventive care screenings, increase the percentage of children receiving regular well visits and immunizations, and to help providers integrate behavioral health care into their practice. Along with assistance with coding, billing and reimbursement maximization, CCHAP can help providers transform their practice in keeping up with an ever-changing patient population and health care reforms.

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