Practice Transformation

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Practice transformation is a set of discrete changes in the way a practice operates. The degree to which a practice is transformed is dependent on the practice’s capacity to provide high quality health care at lower cost in a coordinated manner.

Addressing Time And Resource Constraints

Practice Transformation is a three-pronged approach that enables large scale transformation of thousands of clinician practices to deliver better care and result in better health outcomes at lower costs for Medicare, Medicaid, and Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) enrollees.

This technical assistance design includes:

  1. Aligned federal and state programs and resources moving toward common transformation goals;
  2. Practice Transformation Networks (PTN) formed by group practices, health care systems, and others that join together to serve as trusted partners to provide clinician practices with quality improvement expertise, best practices, coaching and assistance as they prepare and begin clinical and operational practice transformation; and,
  3. Support and Alignment Networks (SANs) formed by professional associations and others that align their memberships, communication channels, continuing medical education credits and other work to support the PTNs and clinician practices.

ISP Project

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CCHAP Services

CCHAP works with medical homes to assess quality improvement methodologies currently employed by the practice. Assessments of patient population, clinical results, effective use of health information and related technology for clinical and operational improvement, team-based care delivery models (including roles and services provided by all team members), current business models, and related financial and administrative practices and community resources will also be addressed.

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