State Innovation Model (SIM) Project

If you have been chosen to participate in SIM, we want your practice to have a rewarding and successful experience. We have prepared the short video above about the basics of SIM and how CCHAP can help SIM practices navigate change for positive results.

We have also attached “The CCHAP Different – Partnering with Practices for Positive Results” outlining our experience and approach.

CCHAP is an approved PTO for SIM and currently serves as the PTO for 13 pediatric practice sites for SIM Cohort 1. We are also now accepting practices who have been selected for SIM Cohort 2.

SIM Overview

Over a four year period, February 2015 through January 2019, the State of Colorado will receive up to $65 million from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Medicare/Medicaid Innovation, to implement and test its State Health Care Innovation Plan (SIM).

The state would like to improve the health of Coloradans by working with medical homes to: “(1) provide access to integrated primary care and behavioral health care; (2) apply value-based payment structures; (3) expand information technology efforts, including telehealth; and (4) finalize a statewide plan to improve population health.” Six commercial and public health insurance plans have said that as part of SIM, they are willing to change how they pay medical homes.

CCHAP has been intimately engaged in this ambitious initiative. The SIM program enlists “practice transformation organizations”(PTOs) to help practices develop the capabilities that will be needed to meet the expectations of health care reform and payment reform and to integrate behavioral health providers into their practice.

CCHAP is the practice transformation organization that has focused on the needs of children for the past 10 years. Please consider us to be your PTO.

CCHAP Services

CCHAP works with medical homes to assess quality improvement methodologies currently employed by the practice. Assessments of patient population, clinical results, effective use of health information and related technology for clinical and operational improvement, team-based care delivery models (including roles and services provided by all team members), current business models, and related financial and administrative practices and community resources will also be addressed.

Contact us to learn more about CCHAP’s services.