Team-Based care

medical team

Growing evidence makes it clear that the best care is provided not by isolated clinicians, but by well-organized teams that collectively have the skill and time to meet the needs of patients.

Such teams function best when each team member has clearly defined, complementary roles that reflect the skills, abilities, and credentials of each member and are openly communicated to the patient and each member of the team.

Over time, as they work together, patients and their team members begin to see each other as partners in care, increasing patient satisfaction, providing more complete care, and—most importantly—improving health outcomes.

Setting Up Your Teams

Creating effective clinical teams requires mutual trust, communication, and openly matching a patient’s needs to the skills, credentials, and interests of staff.

This kind of transformation is not easy, and doesn’t happen overnight.

CCHAP can help your practice organize your clinical teams, ensure team members are appropriately trained, and develop policies and procedures to help ensure your patients are receiving the best, more responsive, care possible.

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