Quality Improvement for Medical Homes


The ability to develop, test, and implement change is essential for any individual, group, or organization that wants to continuously improve. Quality Improvement (QI) is a data-based, team approach designed to improve quality by seeking out areas of improvement and proficiency.

The Statewide Data and Analytics Contract (SDAC) is responsible for providing secure electronic access to clinically actionable data to the Regional Care Collaborative Organizations (RCCOs) and Primary Care Medical Providers (PCMPs) to help them meet the goals of the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) – to improve client health and reduce costs.

Addressing Time And Resource Constraints For Practices


Quality Improvement is about enhancing the value or excellence of something (e.g. a process or a procedure) through a systematic approach.

PDSA, developed by W. Edwards Deming as the “Total QM Movement,” is a widely accepted model of improvement for the implementation of a QI project. It is a simple and effective way to evaluate and improve current or future processes by planning what you want to do, implementing the plan, studying the results, and then acting on your findings in order to produce better outcomes. In many cases, you will implement and study many small, incremental steps of improvement – each step increasing in complexity – until continuous “optimal performance is reached.”

CCHAP Services For Your Practice

CCHAP offers technical assistance to practices in order to help them develop continuous QI programming. Assistance will be available to practices wishing to improve efficiency, and improve their “medical home-ness.” Your practice chooses what to work on and what kind of assistance, if any, you want. QI involves working together as a team to discover logical and efficient ways to improve outcomes, effectiveness, return on investment (ROI), communication, and performance in your chosen topic area(s).

Our goal is to assist you in gaining knowledge and experience with the basic principles and tools of Quality Improvement (QI) so that your team can be successful!

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Watch this YouTube video on Quality Improvement in Healthcare by Dr. Mike Evans